A car crash

A few months ago, I noticed my car wasn’t running great anymore. Though it is already serving quite some years – more than 20 – it’s still in good shape. Okay, there and there some cosmetics that could be better, but hey I can’t complain. Who wouldn’t want some new shiny stuff after all?

Al seemed well till a few weeks ago. Suddenly my car decided it was enough. No more driving smoothly, I gradually but very quickly started loosing control, malfunctions everywhere. What was happening? A moment later the crash, ending up head over heels on some unknown road, left with something that didn’t look like a car anymore. Should you wondering, luckily I survived it pretty clean without any major injuries. The guy of the tow truck told me the car was not lost, I could still recover it. Fast forward some weeks, the car is now at the garage for maintenance, fixing, polishing and whatever more needs to be taken care of. And even new engine was considered, which I cannot afford right now, so they started working on recovering the old one as much as possible.

This is what it feels like going through right now. There are major life moments when things don’t go as planned or turn out different than expected. Although it’s a good thing that I am currently at the garage, don’t consider it an easy thing. Like mentioned, a total crash and major fixes to be made. Some parts just don’t suit anymore and go straight to the car cementary. Some others had to be ordered and seem to be even out of stock, it’s taking apparently quite some time to find them. And now the thing is at the garage, maybe it’s the good time eventually to add those always-wanted changes. Polishing and finishing it not yet for now, too soon for that. But I notice that it’s feeling marvelous to have some new oil, get rid of the damaged, rusty parts and not least important, to have my filters changed. Time for some fresh air. I don’t now how and when I will come out of the garage and what it would be like to drive again, but I can’t wait to go on a new adventure. And in the meantime let’s try to love this adventure in the garage too.