About Me

The essential principle of business, of occupation in the world, is this. Figure out some way in which you get paid for playing. – Alan Watts
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Well, this is my dance on the line between making a living and creating a life.

Things that keep me going

Zhineng Qigong

Qi means energy and gong means cultivation. Zhineng qigong is one of the many forms of qigong practice. 

It is a training that involves the consciousness use of the mind to focus inwards. The practice transforms and improves life functions leading to increased health and vitality. It is founded on the traditional understanding of the holism of life. 

I discovered zhineng qigong in mid-2013 and after a week of training, I got more and more interested.

Since then I practice and teach qigong on a regular basis. You can join me on Insight Timer if you like or take a look at my website Just Flowing (Dutch).

Books & Learning

I spend a lot of time reading, mostly non-fiction and related to body & mind, psychology, spirituality, entrepreneurship and finance. You can find some books I’ve read on Goodreads. Let me know if you need any recommendations or review.

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