Maxwell Maltz was a cosmetic surgeon, in addition to being a researcher and author who explained how self-image has complete control over an individual’s ability to achieve any goal. The original [...]

Finding Home

Life already has started. No need to wait. This is it. There is no other place to go. Time is only from the mind. Thoughts that can bend space and time. But they are only part of reality, not the [...]

It is not time that you need

It is empty space.  Everybody has the same amount of hours in a day. Sebastian Bach had, Mahatma Gandhi, and also your idol. But we all live very different and unique lives. Every second of [...]

What will you give?

The fullness of my life — The sweet wine of autumn days and summer nights, My little hoard gleaned through the years, And hours rich with living. That will be my gift When death knocks at my [...]

The arena

The arena. The place where blood can be shed, adversity is standing right in front of you. There is no positive association with an arena. You will meet an enemy, even if he is your friend. [...]


A wise man once said: To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. Yet we are social creatures, constantly mimicking [...]

We’re terrible judges

Biased by our own thinking or the world we live in. Consider the concept of theory and practice, and more particular about the difference in between. Going from saying to doing. From walking to [...]


Expectancy is an important measure. The difference between our current perceived reality and what we expect can be rather large. Events are happening constantly around us, that’s the way [...]