Expectancy is an important measure. The difference between our current perceived reality and what we expect can be rather large. Events are happening constantly around us, that’s the way the world keeps turning and our universe keeps expanding – at least that is what scientists are saying. Did you know we know only 4% about our universe? The other 96% seems to contain dark matter, black holes and other stuff no one able to explain.

We could say that reality is what is happening right now, beside the meaning we give to events. What is this freaky thing reality anyway? I haven’t got a clue. What I do know is the larger part of time we’re coping with expectancy. How we want these events to turn out? And funny, it’s even less clear what we want to expect when our emotions go and stirr up the whole thing.

Are we expecting some meaning? Are we expecting something that is known to our brains, something to which we can relate? Like if the remembering self and the experiencing self are having a talk and say: “Hey, well let’s all just agree on this one.” After all it seems that a lot of the time we’re living in this place called the future, in which we project the current moment and in which our ingenious mind tells his fantasy story of how it should be. How hard is it to not cling to possible future outcomes, to things we want, things we worry about?

Here and now is where all our possibilities are presented, this moment where choises are made that elevate us or can send us straight down to hell. May I have the power and trust in myself to make good decisions. Or to let go of the whole stupid thing in the first place.