How to compare

Every second we catch our own thoughts, there seems to be a system in place, the system that analyzes, compares and judges. We think we know who we are, who others are, what we do and what others do. Everthing fits in our system. We’re especially good in this when it comes to right and wrong, good and bad, me versus others. We see reflections of our own ideas in the actions of others and there is always a judgment or a justification. The moment we notice,  it’s already too late to undo, the judgement has been made. It feels that there is not much control, we become only aware after the play has been played. Everything happens unconscious. Is there a way to train the conscious mind to bypass this system, too leave the judge at home and just see the truth? Especially when we talk about ourselves. And where did this system came from in the first place? Is the conscious white space we have when making choices real enough to reveal the truth to us?