It is not time that you need

It is empty space. 

Everybody has the same amount of hours in a day. Sebastian Bach had, Mahatma Gandhi, and also your idol. But we all live very different and unique lives. Every second of the day we are creating our own world in a creative and unique way.

Much of it happens unconsciously: the fourth coffee you drink, email number seventy that you send, the clothes that you put on this morning or even the way you reacted to that stranger on the street.

Where is the empty space in our lives? Everyday we are bombarded with amount of information that our ancestors even didn’t see in their whole life. New, new, new. Better, better, better. More, more, more.

But why? Why the chase? Where is it we so desperately want to get?

Always there, but never here.

It makes me running in circles, sick and confused. Constant in a state of struggle.

How much time does a great, new idea requires?


Ideas don’t come from something, they come out of nothing.