It’s hard to see the gardens when you’re in prison

Change has to occur from the inside. So many stories are told, books read and inspiration gathered. I personally experience this is a good thing. But what is it that drives the real change? No single external factor seems to matter. every single time you notice change, it starts from an empty space within, something cracks and a new light shines onto your current reality.

Easy to say when you are running freely out in the fields, on the other side of the wall. You can’t smell the roses, touch the grass or feel the wind when you’re locked up inside. How can we escape? Our walls seem so thick, concrete and too high. Although there are numerous examples of people escaping from prison using ingenious ways; conspiracy plans, digging tunnels for months, scratching bricks which slowly turn to dust. All do they require a lot of planning, patience and meticulous work for a long period of time. But these small steps are all in the same direction, the direction we know that can free us. Trust your fire inside, don’t give up and keep digging!