The arena

The arena. The place where blood can be shed, adversity is standing right in front of you. There is no positive association with an arena.

You will meet an enemy, even if he is your friend.

Inside the rules of the game change, like we always have played a different game out there. Now when we enter, suddenly everything changes and we are left to ourselves. With an adversary. A shadow we can barely trace.

The only thing we notice is how big the arena is. An empty desert and surrounded by high walls. And up there an enormous, sometimes invisible crowd. We feel the eyes of every single person, every step seems to be watched in slow motion. Feelings so intense and scrambled, we fail to see who the real enemy is. Our opponent? The crowd? I?

Often we’re alone in the arena, searching for answers and asking ourselves why and how we ended up here in the first place. Yet there seems to be only one way out of there.

Forward and straight through the pain.

Time to battle the demons.