My Qigong Trip to China: Turning Inward

As you may know or not, as from the beginning of April I am staying in China to learn more about Qigong. I am taking a 3-months teacher training course.

This travel to China is an opportunity for me to explore my inner world. It is a personal exploration assisted by high-level teachers to take a look at myself like I have never looked before. The qigong practice is a great method in that direction.

Whatever you individually understand, unless it is supported by personal application, it will not become a permanent process within you. Intellectual understanding can have an impact today, but will be totally forgotten tomorrow. Today you read something and it seems so wonderful and life altering, but the day after tomorrow you have forgotten it.

Unless this intellectual dimension is reinforced with the experiential dimension, whatever one undertakes does not really become a life-altering process. We talk so much about change, but when does true change occurs?

There’s a lot of things that our culture tends to ignore and minimize, because it is totally external, relying on the illusion that if you change things out there, everything in here will be taken care of. The path of wisdom teaches that the exact opposite is true. Taking care of things in here is the prerequisite for true change.

I often wonder: “How do I do that?” Well, certain things you cannot do; you just have to allow them. Some of the practices definitely increase the level and quality of your energies. Other ones are just to bring your energies to that level of stability where you can just be. Not trying to do anything, not trying to get somewhere, simply allowing it to happen.

I am certainly very curious what will happen in these three months. You can follow this blog where I will share my experiences.