We’re terrible judges

Biased by our own thinking or the world we live in. Consider the concept of theory and practice, and more particular about the difference in between. Going from saying to doing. From walking to arriving. From idle idea to hands on execution. But can you see the gap were it all goes the other way? Everything that comes in between, that space which matters in between. Because admit, it’s much easier said than done. Why do we fail so often to execute, to do, to go, to live and to experience? Experience by the way which comes after execution, we think about things before they happen, but the reflection of the mind comes after something is done, not before.

We fail to judge. The space between our organized, theoretical model and the extreme, uncertain and apparently more-random-than-we-think reality. We make our own judgement between theory and practice and it fails miserably. The thing never turns out like the idea we has in mind, it get’s messed up. And than we adapt. And judge again.

They never turn out like expected. How can it possible be? We’re never that other person, that other viewpoint who has control and decides the result along our own perception. But let’s try to love the process instead and go for it anyway. Let’s attach to the random and unexpected, which will surprise us every time. I think that’s when you hear: “it’s not about the destination but the journey.”